What I Did: Eric Ulloa's Action Step

Listen to the episode "What I Did: Eric Ulloa's Action Step" now.

Eric Ulloa

One of our favorite parts of working on WDID is not just learning more about what we can do or what we should do but also hearing the amazing stories of what our communities have done. So many of you out there, and the ones that you love have done beautiful, amazing, gorgeous things which deserve celebration and acknowledgement. No, of course we don’t do these things for praise, but isn’t there something powerful and inspiring when you hear the story of someone who made a difference?

So Today we’re excited to share a different version of WDID with you. Instead of “what do I do?” it’s more like “What Do I Do?”. Today is the first of a new series we’ll be releasing called “What I Did” where we hear the stories of those who were feeling the sense of overwhelm and frustration that plagues so many of us on a daily basis and how that feeling inspired them to take an action step in their own life.

On this episode, we’re excited to share pieces of an interview that we did with actor and playwright Eric Ulloa who, in the wake of the school shootings at Sandy Hook, found a way to bring the community of Newtown’s voices to thousands of people.

This is the story of how he took an #ActionStep and made a big impact.

Listen to the episode "What I Did: Eric Ulloa's Action Step" now.

What Do I Do? is a podcast and blog about current events for folx who want to get involved. The goal of “What Do I Do?” is to use levity and brevity to identify approachable ways for folx to take action during a time where the world’s issues are very overwhelming. We talk about one thing happening in the world (social issues, politics, current events) and finish by identifying specific action steps a person can use to get involved whether they are physical, financial, emotional, or other.

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