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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

As the world struggles to maintain (and create) normalcy, and with millions of Americans out of work, we believe that supporting small businesses is a great way to take action and make a big impact. Every Saturday, WDID features a company that we love in the Small Business Spotlight series. This week, we're honored to feature "Point of Possibility" (POP) - a business focused on your wellness - which is offering FREE classes during the Covid Crisis. This is a small business you can support right now without spending a dime.

Point of Possibility

"Beyond Thought"

Interview with Lesley Demetriades Carroll - Founder

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POP's online "Saturday" Class

What is Point of Possibility?

Point of Possibility is an online resource for those who would like access to integrative self-awareness & discovery, personal development, applied meditation, and creativity studies – no matter where they live.  POP is dedicated to the understanding of human behavior and inspiring each individual to step beyond what they think. We are an online resource for anyone who is interested in learning about themselves in a spiritual context.

What is the Point of Possibility story?

Lesley Demetriades Carroll founded Point of Possibility in 2012. She has been a practitioner of awareness work and active meditation for over ten years. She founded POP-creative when she realized through her work in television and film production how under-nurtured creatives are in society today, especially once they’ve graduated from an educational institution and need to develop an “art for commerce” mentality. Lesley was inspired to teach creatives after working in LA and NYC and experiencing the profound benefits awareness work had to offer.

POP has expanded in the past two years to incorporate a more wholistic virtual session experience. In 2018 actress, writer, producer Courtney Ward joined POP-creative as a mentor. In 2019, DPT and Reiki Master Vanessa Febles created POP-body. During a POP-body virtual holistic session, clients have the opportunity to see what their body is communicating to them. Those who experience chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, fear, headaches, or physical pain can learn tools to balance their energetic body to increase day to day vitality. A fusion of modalities such as Reiki, Active Meditation, Visualization, and Yogic techniques are all used to help clients feel more peaceful and grounded in their bodies. POP-body sessions are also available virtually. 

L to R: Lesley Demetriades Carroll (POP Founder), Courtney Ward (POP Creative), Vanessa Febles (POP Body)

Where can we find POP?

We do virtual one-on-one and/or group sessions. Our facilitators live in LA, NYC, and Tampa for those that would like to be seen in person. Otherwise, all of our sessions were created with an online experience in mind. 

POP (in person) during a retreat session.


(Free classes during the Covid Crisis)


Facebook: @PointofPossibility

Instagram: @PointofPossibility

How has Covid impacted your business? 

We were already a virtual company so Covid-19 didn't impact us on that front as much as other companies. We understand that everyone has thoughts and feelings coursing through our bodies right now. Uncertain times trigger fear and anxiety. We believe that now is the time for love, community, and connection, so we have started offering three free classes every weekend - for everyone. Anyone can take these classes to process their feelings, connect (to others as well), and release triggers. People can sign up for these classes here:

What is the best way for people to help your business during Covid Closures?

People don't have to help us. If anyone feels like they'd like to help themselves more during this time, we're here for them with our free classes. Again,

*Action Step*: If you're open to using this time of global change as an opportunity to explore the self, engage with POP by way of classes, private sessions, and/or on social media.

Lesley Demetriades Carroll

Owner spotlight:

Lesley Demetriades Carroll - Founder of POP as well as Film & TV Director/Producer

Lesley Demetriades Carroll is an award-winning film and television Director and Producer. She was born in Athens, Greece and grew up in Florida. She graduated from Florida State University and lives in Los Angeles. Lesley recently directed TWO TURTLE DOVES for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION for Hallmark Channel. Her independent feature film, WOMEN & SOMETIMES MEN is available on APPLE TV, PRIME VIDEO, and HULU. Her independent feature documentary, OBSCENE BEAUTY, is available on APPLE TV & PRIME VIDEO. She also directed Season 2 of "Tackle My Ride" for the NFL Network. Lesley’s films have been official selections of the Chelsea Film Festival, New York State Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Los Angeles Women's Film Festival, Studio City Film Festival, Women in Film and Arts Festival, LA Shorts Awards, and the California Women's Film Festival, to name a few.  partial list of producing credits include: "Love Takes Flight" for Hallmark, "The Last Ninja" for the Discovery Channel, "Tiny House Nation” for the FYI Network, “Home Made Simple” for the OWN Network, “Fish Tank Kings” for NatGeoWILD, “Health Inspectors” for The Food Network, “Trucking Hell” For NatGeoUK, “Chasing Maria Menounos” for Oxygen, “Keeping Score", "Hella Gay" and "Lady Bits" for Fullscreen Media. Lesley is a member of the DGA, PGA, SAG-AFTRA, and Alliance of Women Directors. 

L to R: POP group retreat to Joshua Tree, CA & POP group in Brooklyn, NY

Editor's note:

Working with Lesley, Courtney, and the entire POP ecosystem for the last seven+ years has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. One might say, in ways "beyond thought". In practicing awareness within the safe net of this group I have become someone I am genuinely proud to be. It is not all because of POP but because POP was there for me. I am objectively able to draw a direct line to the voice used in "What Do I Do?" from practices founded in POP. If I had to describe what POP "is", I'd say it's an opportunity to learn more about one's self and let go of everything else. - David Kimple

Listen to the episode "Support Small Businesses" on the 'What Do I Do?' Podcast now!

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