Small Business Spotlight: HAUS URBAN

As the world struggles to maintain (and create) normalcy, and with millions of Americans out of work, we believe that supporting small businesses is a great way to take action and make a big impact. Every Saturday, WDID features a company that we love in the Small Business Spotlight series. This week, we're honored to feature Haus Urban - an all natural skin and body care line created by friend of the pod Hassan Sayyed.


"All natural skin and body care for every body"

Interview with Founder Hassan Sayyed

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What is Haus Urban?

We make all natural skin and body care, everything from facial skin care to muscle soak. Our formulas are high performance, aromatherapeutic, and centered around a holistic approach to self care. 

What is the Haus Urban story?

Haus Urban opened its "doors" four years ago, but it was five years of formulation and development prior to that. My goal was always to build a brand with a cult following, and we're well on our way. We originally started to meet the needs of the professional performing artist, and while artists and their experiences are the nucleus of the brand story, we've come to serve an even larger audience of  "civilians". I think it speaks to the accessibility and quality of the brand at large.

Where can we find Haus Urban?



Instagram: @hausurban

Twitter: @hausurban

How has Covid-19 impacted your business? 

Sales have taken a bit of a hit, but our biggest challenge has been the disruption to the supply chain. As a smaller manufacturer, we tend to be the last priority for everyone, and not having the ability to buy hundreds of thousands of a specific kind of packaging or component has put us last in line for basic inventory needs. There's currently a global shortage of jars and bottles (imagine!), and several of the businesses that serve smaller companies like mine have been put out of business in light of the pandemic. So we've had to figure out how to repackage, redesign, and replenish inventory with less financial resources. 

Products: "Electric Fleur" Body Butter "Glaze Dry" Body Oil

ACTION STEP: Check out and follow their social to stay up on the latest news and updates on product availability.

Hassan Sayyed

Owner spotlight:

Hassan Sayyed - Founder

Hassan Sayyed is a former actor whose need for a bath soak turned into a realization that performers didn't have the knowledge or tools to keep their bodies and faces up to the daily rigors of a life lived on stage or on screen. What started as a simple gift for cast mates has become a mission to support performing artists and to instill the importance of self love through daily, gentle maintenance. 

Editor's note:

WDID would like to thank Hassan for joining us for the "Imposter Syndrome" episode we released earlier this year as well as Haus Urban for being supporters and champions of our mission. We're thrilled to help spread the word about Haus Urban's terrific products in any way we can. In our house, the Lip Glides are a staple and our most recent purchase from HU included the Hydrating Face Oil which we can't recommend enough. - David Kimple

Listen to the episode "Support Small Businesses" on the 'What Do I Do?' Podcast now!

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