Small Business Spotlight: D.F.C. Candles

As the world struggles to maintain (and create) normalcy, and with millions of Americans out of work, we believe that supporting small businesses is a great way to take action and make a big impact. Every Saturday, WDID features a company that we love in the Small Business Spotlight series. Despite travel restrictions and social distancing, today's small business has the magic power to take us to the desert, forest, and coast- check out d.f.c. candles!

d.f.c candles

"Hand-poured artisan candles, inspired by nature."

Interview with creator and owner Erick Rappaport

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What is D.F.C. Candles?

D.F.C. Candles is a small hand-poured candle company based in Los Angeles, CA.  We use sustainable materials such as recycled glass containers and 100% soy wax along with high-grade luxury fragrances to evoke the feeling of escaping to nature. 

What is the story of your business?

I wanted to create a candle company that captured the essence of nature and different landscapes as a way to transport people from the day to day grind of city living and allow people to escape to nature without having to drive several hours out of town. I used to tell people that simply getting a whiff of a High Tide candle is one of the best ways to enjoy the coast while stuck in your car on the 405 in LA (unlit of course). 

How has Covid impacted your business? 

There are certainly challenges during this time, but the response during COVID19 has overall been very supportive with people, especially repeat customers, wanting to support small businesses.

What is the best way for people to help your business during Covid Closures?

In times of economic crisis it will always be the little guys and the niche brands that will have the hardest time coping, which is why it's so important to support small businesses during this time.  That support is especially valuable from friends, family and the local community.

Where can we find you?:

  • We're based in Los Angeles, but we ship throughout the United States from our website:

  • You can find us on Instagram @dfccandles 

*Action Step*: Check out D.F.C. Candles online and social.

Erick Rappaport

Owner spotlight:

Erick Rappaport

I had been making candles as a hobby for many years because I found it calming and it was fun to create something.  When my husband and I began taking a lot of road trips throughout the west coast, I wanted to figure out a way to capture some of those memories through scent, since fragrance has a way of transporting you to a different place and time. In 2017, I had the idea to create a candle company that focused on the California landscapes that I had grown accustomed to: the deserts, forests, and coasts - hence, D.F.C. Candles was born. From there, I created a website and started participating in local craft shows which was an invaluable way to market my small business while beginning to create sales.  Eventually, I was able to transition over to e-commerce with many of those customers from the craft shows buying directly from my website. 

Editor's note:

After almost two months of being in the house because of quarantine, we've been burning through candles faster than ever. We've had them before and so when it came time to replenish our stash, my husband Blaine was inspired to restock from D.F.C. and I wonder if we'll ever go back. These candles are gorgeous! They smell great but never overwhelming and right this very moment we have them lit in every room of the house. - David Kimple

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