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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

If you've listened to our episode "Allyship" with Kelvin Dinkins Jr, you'll know that the topic is a big one. It's an umbrella which could cover a million bagillion tangential conversations. To build the foundation, though, we're going to focus on the broad concept of allyship. Thank you to friend of the pod Coryn Carson for her help in researching for this episode.

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Allyship: The state or condition of being an ally or in association with members of marginalized or mistreated group/groups that one does not belong to.

For our #ActionSteps in this episode: 

  1. We have created a list of organizations, articles, and that is what you're reading!

  2. We are proud to give a shout out to Service Never Sleeps. They can be found at

  3. We recommend the book "Emergent Strategy" by Adrienne Maree Brown. Her work can be found at and @adriennemaree

Article/News to Learn More:

Allyship - The Key to Unlocking the Power of Diversity

Noting the lack of diversity in the tech industry, Author Sheree Atcheson outlines a great definition of allyship as well as some action steps.

Ally Up! Practice Effective Allyship!

A fantastic resource from Cornell which outlines the "what is?" and "what do I do?" to put allyship into practice.

Guide To Allyship

Great guide on what allyship is, how to prepare to be a good ally, and there is a great metaphor at the end of breaking down response to being a helpful ally by comparing a moment of oppression to if you stepped on someone’s toes.

Breaking the Binary in Psychology

An open newsletter from the American Psychological Association.

While this topic deals specifically with non-binary students in psychology programs, it describes methods on how people can be a stronger ally by taking the responsibility to educate themselves and not lay it all on the marginalized student, avoid assumptions and take the challenge to learn and actively make changes that have been requested.

My Journey as an Ally

How a person who considers themselves an ally deals with the reality of their lacking allyship and how to improve. These are the 3 crucial methods to being a supportive ally. In this instance they are being used in reference to LGBTQIA+ communities, but the overall idea can be used across the board:

  1. Exposure to positive information about LGB individuals in classes or workshops,

  2. contact with LGB individuals and

  3. instituting nondiscrimination policies in work and school settings

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